About Us

Who Are We?

Briggi Tech is a brand design and web development/management company for small, medium, and big corporates, businesses and brands. The company has officially been in existence since 2016. We pride ourselves in building unique, original, and out-of-the-box graphic work, photography, innovative software, user-friendly websites and contemporary social media management. Our primary purpose is to attract more customers for our clients in their respective businesses, more especially in the hospitality and tourism, as well as “corporate” sports/activities sector.

Belief Statement

We believe that an eye-catching look and feel of a brand and the user-friendliness of a business’ service together with interactivity between a business and its customers/clients are a very vital part of a business’ sales.


To provide brand design solutions, social media management and web development / maintenance services, product photography and marketing all merged together to maximise the social, economic and financial benefit of businesses on a cost competitive basis.


To use the contemporary innovation of technology and information media to attract more customers to businesses through designing and taking brands to the relevant target market on different platforms ensuring economic and social development for the business and service awareness.

What Makes Us Unique?